Case Writing Competition

The 2019 John Molson MBA Case Writing Competition is now open.

For its 38th edition, the 2019 John Molson MBA International Case Competition (ICC) is pleased to invite you to submit original business cases. As the 2019 John Molson MBA ICC Organizing Team, we are extremely proud to host and celebrate its continued success.

The theme for the 2019 ICC is Disruption. It is imperative that business students are cognizant of how disruptive business models are shaping the future. There are many factors both within a company and in the external environment that can have a disruptive effect on a business, a business model or an industry and case writers are encouraged to submit cases in which managers/owners are facing the opportunities and challenges of either being “Disrupters” or dealing with the consequences of being “Disrupted.” It is our intention to emphasize the wide range of this theme, as well as its application, and although technology has been a key element and a prime mover in the disruption of many businesses and business models over time, we do invite case writers to consider a broader definition of the term “Disruption.”

Although all submitted cases will be considered for the case writing competition, priority when selecting the winners will be given to those encompassing the theme of “Disruption.” Selection will favour relevant and timely cases that incorporate the challenges that business school graduates will face in creating or adapting to disruption in their careers.

The competition will be held from January 7-11, 2019 in Montreal. It will unite 36 teams of students from different MBA programs around the globe to compete for the Concordia Cup. Up to five cases will be selected for use during the competition.

We are eager to read your submissions – the time is now. Show us what you’ve got!

Who can enter?

Any individual or group is eligible to submit cases for consideration, except for participating students or persons involved in their students’ training, coaching or other preparation for the competition.

How to enter?

All entries must be submitted electronically to no later than September 30th, 2018.

Required documents:

1.  Your original case including supporting documentation (.doc or .docx file)
2.  Your completed Entry Form (.pdf file)

Please note the following:

•   Upon request, applicants may be required to submit a Statement of Authorization.
•  Cases not selected for the ICC will be released back to authors in November 2018 and winning cases will be released post-competition in January 2019.

Case Requirements

Submitted cases should be geared towards MBA students and must be:

  1. Unpublished, untested, and not presented or discussed in any public forum. Confidentiality is of the utmost importance and the expectation is that case writers will abide by this requirement.
  2. A maximum of 20 pages of narrative (double-spaced and limited to 250 words per page) and no more than 30 pages in total, including financial documentation and other appendices (case text is not permitted in appendices). Teaching notes are not required.
  3. Related to the broad theme of this year’s ICC, disruption.
  4. Based on either field research or research from secondary sources and describe a recent business situation in an actual organization. Cases can deal with any business discipline e.g. strategy, finance, sustainability, entrepreneurship, e-commerce, international trade, organizational behavior, governance, marketing, succession planning, merger & acquisition.
  5. Written in English or French. Cases submitted in French and selected for the competition will be translated into English and remitted to case writers after the competition.
  6. Submitted electronically (.doc or .docx and .xls or .xlsx for financial documentation) to


The selection committee will be composed of executives from the ICC Board of Directors. Selection criteria include the interest and relevance of the issue(s) raised to the students, the quality and clarity of the writing, and the nature of the challenge to be dealt with by the students. All decisions made by the selection committee are final.

•   The winning case writer will receive a prize of $10,000
•   Second place writer will receive $5,000
•   Third place writer will receive $3,000
•   Writers of all other cases used in ICC will receive $1,000

*All currencies are in Canadian dollars

Note: If a case has multiple authors, the awarded amount will be divided evenly among the authors.
All decisions made by the selection committee are final.