MBA Case Competition – Laval team won, and there were parties

[img_assist|nid=847|title=|desc=(photo: Christian Fleury)|link=none|align=left|width=399|height=237]Congratulations to the winning team, from Université Laval: Stéphane Lavoie, Pierre Lemay, France Michaud, Tony Toufic and Aurelia Lefaix-Durand. Their coaches were Mario Cayer and Andre Gascon.

The theme of this year’s costume night was the glitzy 1980s.
Enjoying the party were volunteers Devon Cruikshank, a
student in Concordia’s Diploma in Sports Administration,
Karine Wei, an organizer and MBA student, and Blues
Brother Dr. Gerd Rainer Wagner, a coach for the team from
the University of Dusseldorf, in Germany.

MBA Case Competition Advisory Board

The Case Competition has an enthusiastic external advisory board made up of senior executives:

  • Jean Beland, Royal Bank
  • J. Pierre Brunet, Moody Industries
  • James Cherry (chair), Alstom Canada
  • William Duke. TD Bank
  • David Goldman, Noranda
  • Lea Katsanis, MBA program director, Concordia
  • François Giroux, J.R. Ouimet
  • Norman Raschkowan, Standard Life
  • Michel Rathier, Groupe Secor
  • Mackie Vadacchino-de-Massy, Murray Axmith