International success leaves students flying high

[img_assist|nid=811|title=|desc=(L-R) MBA students Don Philpott, Peggy Coady, Jennifer Davis, Nicole Collins, and Michael Feaver savour a moment with the Concordia Cup. (photo: John Bourne)|link=none|align=none|width=640|height=439]By GINA PECORE

Their reputation remains intact. Students from Memorial’s Faculty of Business Administration, who are internationally recognized for their record of success at business case competitions, have once again returned home triumphant. Earlier this month, MBA students captured first place at the Concordia International Case Competition, while Memorial’s undergraduate teams placed second overall at Queen’s University’s Intercollegiate Business Competition (ICBQ).

At Concordia, Memorial’s graduate students were up against 27 schools from seven countries. The team prepared and presented cases over a period of six days and beat, among others, North Eastern University, the University of Calgary and New Zealand’s University of Otago. Team members included Peggy Coady and Jennifer Davis from St. John’s, Michael Feaver from Corner Brook, Don Philpott from Gander, and Nicole Collins from Glover-town. At the ICBC competition, Memorial’s teams captured second overall, defeating students from 15 Canadian business schools. The debating team, Adam Denny and Luke O’Brien from St. John’s, along with the marketing team, Trevor Bridger from Twillingate and Darrin Howlett from Goulds, claimed first place finishes. The labor arbitration team, Valerie Hynes and Lynn Squires from St. John’s, placed second. Queen’s University finished the competition first overall.

Faculty of Business Administration students have claimed a total of 66 awards at academic student competitions since 1982. Again this year, Dr. Alex Faseruk coached the Concordia team and worked with Dr. Oz Palasvirta in coaching the ICBC teams. Faculty members Lisa Browne and John Rutherford assisted in preparing this year’s students.