Concordia team finishes 2nd in MBA Case Competition

For the first time, a Concordia team has placed second out of 16 competing teams at last week’s MBA Case Competition. Held at Concordia, the Haute Etudes commerciales (HEC) team won first place with the Université de Laval coming in third.

The Concordia team actually came in first during the semi-finals after presentation and analysis of three cases in front of the judges. But in the final case, the HEC team passed Concordia.

The competition was hard work for the students on the team, Management professor Bakr Ibrahim stressed. As the team’s coach he should know. He pointed to training them for an average of eight hours, three days a week for at least four months. “I am proud of the team,” he said. “They certainly presented an exemplary image of Concordia to the business world.”