And the winners are. . .

[img_assist|nid=730|title=|desc=|link=none|align=center|width=640|height=466]The hugely successful Eighth Annual MBA Case Competition was held at Concordia from Thursday, January 19 to Saturday, January 21. The Competition brought together top business students from across Canada to compete for the Concordia Cup. Their skills in case analysis were judged by senior business executives from Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto.
This year, 18 teams participated in the competition, and were evaluated by 120 judges.
Concordia, alas, did not win one of the top three spots. Winners were: First Place ‚Äî The University of Windsor. They earned the Concordia Cup as well as team members receiving first place scholarships offered by the Bank of Montreal. Second Place ‚Äî Memorial University (Newfoundland). Team members won second place scholarships offered by Alcan Aluminum Ltd. Third Place ‚Äî Université de Laval. Team members won scholarships offered by Pratt & Whitney Canada Inc.
The winning team, from the University of Windsor, was made up of (from left to right) advisor Dr. A. West, John Renaud, Graham Kemble, John Finkbinder, Dianne Beattie, Arthur Wolfram, and advisor Dr. Maged Ragab.
A total of 35 local and national companies contributed to the successful competition.