The John Molson MBA International Case Competition is a world-class event that draws the best MBA students from business schools around the world. What are some ways you can prepare to compete?

Tip #1: Start practicing early.
During the fall leading up to the competition, take the opportunity to practice. Teams are given three hours or less to prepare each case. Practicing the fast pace of the competition will help prevent any mental blocks that can occur due to pressure.

Tip #2: Cases you practice should be of a variety of business problems.
The cases presented could be of any number of Strategic Management issues, such as operations, mergers, finance…
Additional topics

Tip #3: Be prepared to have fun!
During the competition, there will be plenty of social events designed to forge friendships and build valuable business liaisons. A relaxed mind in the off-hours will help you keep a focused mind during the cases!

Looking back 30 years: The inception of the John Molson MBA International Case Competition

In the fall of 1981, two enterprising MBA students, Nora Kelly and Annette Wilde, founded the National MBA Case competition, as it was known at the time. These two dynamic ladies assembled interested faculty members and fellow students and staged the first ever competition in the winter of 1982 between Concordia University and Laval, McGill, Ottawa and UQAM. The winners were McGill and UQAM who tied for first; while Concordia was runner-up. The competition consisted of presenting the teams with the business affairs of a paper mill and a clothing factory, and then the members had to figure out what the problems were and how to solve them.

Since going international in 1992, the competition now invites MBA students from 36 well-known business schools around the world, creating memories that will last a lifetime.